Who is Dr. Paul Enenche? Everything You Should Know About the Founding Pastor of Dunamis Church

Who is Paul Enenche?

Paul Enenche is a Nigerian doctor and pastor. Certainly one of the outstanding in both his fields, the man has made a remarkable impact to his society and has largely changed lives and stories around him for him. Here are things to learn about Dr. Paul Enenche.

What was Paul Enenche’s Early Life and Background Like?

Dr. Paul Enenche is a native of Orokam, Benue State, and apparently, he was born into a royal family in Orokam, Benue State, Nigeria. He was born on 12th June 1968. Dr. Paul was raised by his mother, Titi Enewa Enenche. He has two brothers; Major General John Enenche and the now late gospel minister, Sammoses Enenche.

Dr. Paul Enenche studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Jos which was where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He went on to practice medicine in his hometown, Benue State but according to him, he wanted more from life and that he was drawn to the church. He then moved to Abuja where he started his spiritual journey which would lead up to him opening his our ministry. He had attended a Deeper Life Campus Fellowship while in school.

What is Dr. Paul Enenche’s Church?

Dr. Paul Enenche started his own church, Dunamis International Gospel Center in 1996. Still in it’s early days, the church got moved around a lot, from its first service on the 10th of November, 1996 at Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture, it moved after a while to Abuja Sheraton Hotel. He finally settled the church at a permanent site in 1997.

Dunamis International Church is a well-known and vastly grown church in Nigeria. It has the biggest church auditorium in Nigeria yet, the Glory Dome with a 100,000 seat capacity. The doctor and pastor is currently its general overseer and the senior pastor of the church’s branch in Abuja.

Through his church, he has established the Destiny College and Destiny Academy to groom pastors and leaders. He also founded Destiny Publications and the Dunamis church currently has its own satellite TV station.

Dr. Paul Enenche has affirmed being inspired by fellow pastors such as Pastor David Oyedepo, W.F Kumuyi, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, and Pastor Kenneth Copeland.

Who is Dr. Paul Enenche’s Wife?

Dr. Paul Enenche is married to Dr. Becky Enenche, a doctor and pastor like him. The two met while they were both still in school. Dr. Becky was born Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu on 23rd October 1970.

The couple previously had a platonic relationship as Dr. Paul had taken to her as a spiritual father, their relationship blossomed through and they soon grew mutual feelings. They got married in 1994. Dr. Becky has over the years created the Seeds of Destiny, a daily devotional guide published monthly. Their marriage is blessed with four kids.

Dr. Paul Enenche as an Author

Asides from weekly services and Sunday sermons, Paul Enenche has also taken up writing as a further arm to spread the gospel. He has written a lot over the year, a few of which include; 30 Secrets to the top, 21 Uncommon keys to financial overflow, 21 Laws of Life, Wisdom of planning and time use, The story of the glory, 10 Principal secrets of principal people, 15 kingdom strategies for survival, Reason for Living and a lot more.

What is Dr. Paul Enenche’s Net Worth?

Though it’s no secret the pastor is well to do and his church continues to flourish, he has refrained from publicly stating his financial worth, and as so, there is no available source of information on Dr. Paul Enenche’s net worth. Paul Enenche is undoubtedly one of the richest pastors in Nigeria with churches all over the country.

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