What happened to Tila Tequila? What Is She Doing Now?

Tila Tequila is a Singaporean-American reality TV star. She is also an actress, singer, and social media personality. Though not as popular now, she had been quite a sensation for many bizarre reasons in the early 2000s. She has aired on a number of shows and released several songs as well. Here are things to know about Tila Tequila;

Who is Tila Tequila?

Born Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen on October 24, 1981, in Singapore, the singer and reality TV star has up until recently lead a very controversial life. Tila was born and raised in Singapore but she is of American nationality. Her father is of Vietnamese descent and her mother is French-Vietnamese descent. She moved with her family to Singapore from Vietnam in 1975, after the Vietnam War. Her family later moved to the USA when she was just a year old. Tila has two siblings; an older brother, Daniel, and an older sister, Terri.

How was Tila growing up?

Tila was raised a Buddhist. She had a very unsettled childhood as the singer was reportedly exposed to a number of bad companies from a very young age. Her friends allegedly gave her “Tila Tequila” as a nickname due to her allergy to alcohol. From substance abuse at just the age of eleven to drinking and heavy clubbing at age thirteen, Tila’s childhood is most certainly anything but the usual.

She was enrolled in a boarding school at age fourteen but only for some months. Tila got her first tattoo as a teenager. She no soon after started smoking in addition to all she had been doing already. Tila Tequila eventually ran away from home to New York at sixteen. In New York she witnessed a drive-by shooting. She also became pregnant at the time but suffered a miscarriage.

What is Tila Tequila famous for?

Tila Tequila pursued a career first in modeling at age 19. She was discovered by a scout at the Sharpstown Mall and was offered a chance to model nude for the Playboy magazine. She moved to Southern California and was featured as Playboy Magazine’s Cybergirl of the Week on April 22, 2002. She soon after became the first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month.

In 2003, Tila was cast in the reality show, Surviving Nugent which aired on VH1. This was her Television debut. She has since hosted various other shows including Pants-Off Dance-Off (2006), THS Investigates Online Nightmares (2006), and Bullrun: Cops, Cars & Superstars IV (2007). There is also her very own reality series A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila which was featured in MTV in 2008. The program was a bisexual-themed dating show where 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women competed for Nguyen’s attention, the twist being that all thirty-two participants were not aware of her bisexuality.

In the same 2003, Tila joined the social networking website, MySpace, and gained an incredible 1.4 million friends on the site as well as on Facebook. This was the start of her remarkable online presence.

Tila also went into music. She took to recording studios and improving her vocals. She also wrote music within that period. She formed bands with who she released some songs with but they later dissolved.

What’s Tila Tequila’s net worth?

Tila Tequila is worth approximately $1.8 million dollars as of 2017.

What happened to Tila Tequila?

The singer and reality TV star has been in a number of scandals the most famous being her “flat earth” theory, her sex tape scandals, her claims of selling her soul, and her supporting Hitler.

In 2010, Tila lost her fiancée Casey Johnson to complications with diabetes.

There was the fake news of her attempted suicide which had her fans frantic, and the police searching for her location which was unknown at the time, only to find out that it was nothing but a ruse.

In 2012, the reality TV star agreed to check into rehab after her suicide attempt through overdosing. She was hospitalized for a brain aneurysm and completed her rehab treatment in April 2012. She had previously made suicidal claims online, stating that God was “needing her up there.” And that “no one can stop her.” The Myspace social media personality had at the time gone for treatments and apologized for her behavior.

A sex tape featuring Tila in a lesbian threesome got leaked in 2011. There had been a different sex tape of her also leaked in the previous year. She later starred in a sex tape that won a 2015 AVN Award for “Best Celebrity Sex Tape”.

Tila’s last appearance on television was when she featured in the Celebrity Big Brother program in 2015. She has been quiet after that are most people are wondering what she has been up to recently.

Tila Tequila gave birth to her first daughter in November 2014 and the second in September 2018.

What is Tila doing now?

Tila has over the years completely re-invested herself, starting with a change of name from Tila Tequila to sometime in 2017. She had taken to the name through Twitter when her account was first blocked. She created a new account as Tornado Thien.

Apparently, she is now a born-again Christian. She claims to have been called by a God to share her testimony. She now owns a YouTube channel named The Lord Your Righteousness where she often preaches the gospel to her viewers. She claims that the holy spirit would at times speak through her daughter, Isabelle.

The mother of two is now only seen makeup free with a scarf on her YouTube channel sharing the gospel. She also has custody of her two kids and is mostly preoccupied with them.

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