Suzanne Kay: Everything You Should Know About Suzanne Kay

Who is Suzanne Kay?

Suzanne Kay became famous for being the daughter of Diahann Carroll, who was an actress, singer, activist, and model. She was born in Santa Monica, California on the 9th of September 1960 to Diahann Kay and Monte Kay. Monte Kay was a jazz record producer and an agent who served American musicians. He was legendary in his time. Monte and Diahann got married in 1956, but soon divorced in 1963. Monte Kay, however, sadly passed away in 1988 due to heart failure.

What is Suzanne Kay’s Professional Life Like?

Suzanne Kay is a writer, producer, editor, journalist, and she also worked as a reporter for CNN. She also worked as an editor for Essence Magazine. In addition to these, the multitalented woman worked on the ETV! Channel and had a collaboration with Grey Kinnear and Julie Morgan. According to a source, Suzanne wrote scripts for Fox Channel, and produced and co-wrote the show, “Hero.” She also co-produced the series, “Sullivison” with Margo Precht Speciale.

Suzanne Kay went from being famous as Diahann Carroll’s daughter to becoming a sensation for her roles in studio films. Her mother made history when she became the first Afro-American actress to win a Tony award  for best actress and she is also recognized for her role in the Broadway musical, “No Strings.”

Diahann Carroll passed away on the 4th of October, 2016 due to breast cancer at the age of 84.

What is Suzanne Kay’s Net Worth?

At this time, Suzanne is yet to disclose her net worth, but it is estimated to be about 500,000 dollars according to some online sources.

Is Suzanne Kay Married?

Suzanne Kay got married to her ex-husband, Mark Bamford in 1996. He is a screenwriter and a producer from the United States. They had two children together, one boy named August Bamford, and a girl they named Sydney Bamford. But in 2016, after two decades of marriage, they finally decided to call it quits. They got a divorce and are no longer together.

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