Stunning Health Benefits of Scent Leaves

Most Nigerians are familiar with scent leaves. They are botanically known as Ocimum gratissimum and they are aromatic herbs native to Nigeria, Southern Asia, Madagascar, Cameroun, Ghana, etc. The herbs are used mainly as cooking spices due to the aromatic taste they possess.

Scent leaves are not just aromatic leaves. They are also nutritional leaves with multiple health benefits. Here are some benefits of scent leaves:

Scent Leaves Promote Good Eyesight

The leaves are rich in Vitamin A. This means that they promote good eyesight. Vitamin A is known for being a needed supplement by the retina and a Vitamin A deficiency could lead to several medical conditions, including night blindness and xerophthalmia, which is a medical condition where the eyes do not produce tears.

Scent Leaves Improve Heart Function

The leaves contain magnesium and calcium, and these are supplements that help to reduce bad cholesterol while also increasing blood circulation.

Scent Leaves Aid Digestion

Scent leaves can also help relieve bloating and aid the digestion of meals. If you have a meal and feel like your meal is not digesting as it should, or you feel heartburn symptoms, you can easily take brewed scent leaves. Your stomach would feel calmer and your heartburn would also feel relieved.

Scent Leaves Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Scent leaves can also lower your blood sugar levels and protect your pancreatic islets from damage. Studies have revealed that significant consumption of scent leaves lowers blood sugar levels.

Scent Leaves also Function as Repellent

Due to the fact that scent leaves contain camphor, limonene, and cineole, the leaves are harmful to mosquitoes and other insects, and so you can also use them as a repellent. By potting your leaves and leaving them around your home, you keep the insects away from your place of residence.

Of course, this also prevents malaria and other insect-related diseases.

Scent Leaves Help In the Treatment of Fungal Infections

Several studies have revealed that scent leaves tend to have antifungal activities. The chloroform extracts from the leaves work against fungal species and so, if you crush and smear scent leaves on your skin infections, the leaves would help in the treatment of these infections.

Scent Leaves Help in the Treatment of Diarrhea

Scent leaves’ extracts have proven to be highly effective against pathogenic bacteria, which cause diarrhea. You can brew your scent leaves to treat cases of diarrhea.

Scent Leaves Possess Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Like aspirin and ibuprofen, scent leaves also possess anti-inflammatory properties, which are softer on the inner linings of the stomach. The leaves also help for menstrual pain, stomachache, earache, and fever.

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