Stitches Rapper: Everything You Should Know About Stiches Rapper

Who is the Stitches Rapper?

Born Phillip Nickolas Katsabani, Stitches is an American rapper who has held the media’s attention, and not all for good reasons. He is known as quite the controversy magnet. Right off intriguing with his unusual stage name, Stitches, the American rapper has over the years attracted a lot of attention mostly because of his lifestyle and choices. Here is what to know about the rapper;

Early life and Background

Stitches was born Phillip Nickolas Katsabani on 17th July 1995 in Miami, Florida. His parents, Alex Katsabani and Esther Katsabani got divorced when Phillip was a year old. He has two older brothers, Alex Jr and Dimitri. His family is part Greek and Cuban.

The rapper is 24 years old as of 2021. He is quite a tall man, standing at 6 feet 1 inch, that is 186 cm. he also has a chubby build though he maintains an intimidating figure and look, mostly because of his tattoos and style.


Stitches attended G. Holmes Braddock High School though he dropped out. He allegedly was more of kicked out for hitting the school’s principal in the face. He was said to be a fury ball as a boy with a mean temper.

Stitches in his later years

After his brief schooling and its abrupt ending, Stitches moved to South Beach, Florida. There, he apparently got into a number of mischiefs. He went from selling guns and then to drugs to make ends meet. His decadence was said to have begun in those years of his life, he grew into the cliché bad-boy persona. This was before he took interest in the music industry and son went into it with more controversies following close behind him.


Stitches got into the music scene in the early 20s, his rap career began in 2012, first with his old stage name, Lil Phil. His debut track was called My Name, Lil Phil. Not long after that, at the age 16, he changed his stage name to Stitches and has maintained that ever since.

In 2014, Stitches released his mixtape debut, No Stitching is My Statement. Part of the tracked in the mixtape is Brick in Yo Face. Brick in Yo Face launched Stitches’ career significantly especially its video. The music video of the song amassed an incredible 26 million views on YouTube.  He of course didn’t stop at that, fueled by his success with the track, he released Supply and demand and then Brick Bible, and the two mixtapes were released in 2015. Coming after those is his equally popular album, For Drug Dealers Only still in 2015.

In the following year, he released Tales Of A Drug Lord which featured a couple of favored songs like Success and Pain. The rapper took up a number of projects in the following years, projects like; I need rehab, Cocaine holiday, and The Trap House. Stitches is apparently inspired musically by Whiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, amongst others.

Net worth

Though there is no verifiable source, the rapper is speculated to be worth no less than $500,000

Stitches’ Tattoos

Stitches has most certainly led a controversial life, his tattoos often appear to be a common spectacle. His looks continually fuel the stereotypes of associating hip hop and rap artists to violence and crime.

The rapper has a lot of tattoos covering his face and body and according to him, each is significant. He got a tattoo of an AK-47 on his face when he was just 16. He spoke on this and stated that the Ak-47 is his favorite gun and had no issues getting it drawn on his face. He has many more of such; a stitched-up teddy bear drawn on his forehead which many speculate to be associated with his stage name, the face of his first son, and a lot of others. Each he explains has its own meaning to him.

Stitches’ wife

He was married to Erica Duarte, a judicial assistant. Erica was also at one point, part of a reality show “Paris Hilton’s New BFF”. This show however didn’t bring Eric to the limelight, she got famous as a result of her relationship with the rapper. The couple met in 2012 and got married while Stitches was seventeen and Erica was twenty-seven.

They both were married for five years and in that time, they had three kids together. First Rex, in 2013 then Ricco, and lastly, their daughter, Evelyn.

Is the rapper dead?

Following the several controversies that have capitalized on the rapper’s life, the rumors of his death perhaps can be argued to be the most extreme. He was rumored in various articles and tell tales to have been killed in a shooting near the club Miami Gentlemen. It all turned out to have been a publicity stunt and the rapper is still very much alive.

In more recent years, Stitches has been seen to be soberer with his life choices. He is readily making amends with all he was once into while younger, he is making efforts to stay off substance use and abuse. He appears ready to live a more responsible life and make wiser decisions.

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