Pat Sajak: Everything You Should Know About Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak is a very successful television host, and former weatherman. The show host is one of the many celebrities who have braved the ups and downs of the industry. Sajak’s story is very inspiring. It took him a strong and undying spirit to be this successful in the media industry, despite the obstacles and tries that come with being tagged as a celebrity. What else do you know about Sajak? Here is everything you should know about Pat Sajak.

Pat Sajak’s Background

Pat is a multi-talented media personality, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. He was born to a factory worker, Leonard Anthony, and his wife, Joyce Helen Brandecka. His parents named him Patrick Sajak at birth, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. Born on the 26th of October 1946, Pat is currently 73 years old.

Pat Sajak’s Education

Sajak went to school within his locality, where he attended high school and graduated from the institution in 1964. Later, he joined Columbia College Chicago for higher education. While he was still in college, Sajak served as Palmer House Hotel’s desk clerk.

Pat Sajak’s Career

One time in his teenage years, Pat won a contest on the Richard Biondi Show. He eventually became a guest teen DJ on the show. While in college, Pat applied for the job of a newsman, and worked at the station from midnight, until six in the morning. Pat became a disc jockey in the United States Army, even before joining the media industry. He later joined the army in 1968, where he was sent to Vietnam.

He served as a disc jockey for one year and later worked for Murray’s’s radio station in Kentucky. It was also at this period that Pat became the DJ of the Nashville-based WSM. This was a time when WSM was playing pop music in the daytime.

Following this new job, Pat later became a voice-over artist at WSM-TV. Together, he anchored five minutes new-casts, did station identification, and even became the substitute weatherman.

Also, when Los Angeles-based KNBC-TVV was searching for a weatherman in 1977, Pat was spotted by relevant people, who offered him the job. This was where he became a full-time weatherman. Pat has had to host shows since 1983, and when he returned on air for the 26th season, he became the world record holder for the longest career as a Game Show Host of the Same Show. He was the game host for thirty-five years, and will still be the host show until 2022.

Pat Sajak’s Net Worth

What is Pat Sajak’s net worth? Pat Sajak is a very wealthy media personality and has pocketed a wallet fattening the amount of his money in his career. His estimated net worth is about $65 million; however, many people are curious about his salary. The media personality bags a salary of about $15 million per year, as the host of Wheel of Fortune. Currently, Pat Sajak earns about $52,083 million, per show.

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