Nigerian Road Signs: How to Figure Out Nigerian Road Signs and Their Meanings

Road signs help in maintaining safe driving conditions. As a driver or pedestrian, road signs are some of the most important things you need to pay attention to, while on the road. Road signs restrict drivers and pedestrians from causing road accidents, by warning them of impending dangers, through their symbols. Just like any other country, in Nigeria, there are different road signs, with their symbolic meanings. How do you familiarize yourself with these essential symbols? Here is how to figure Nigerian road signs, and their meanings.

Road Signs in Nigeria

Knowing the common road signs in Nigeria, and recognizing them is very important. Basically, the road safety signs are categorized into three (regulatory, informative, and warning symbols), and they include:

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are usually circular. These signs are structured in such a way that they are supplemented by plates. These plates, beneath augmenting the message, are given by symbol. Of course, the only exception to this is the STOP symbol. This is because the STOP symbol is octagonal, which also means you should stop immediately when you see it.

In most cases, these symbols can be prohibitive and mandatory.

Mandatory Symbols

Mandatory symbols always give a positive instruction. Also, they are circular with a blue background, white inscription, and white border.

Prohibitive Symbols

As the name suggests, prohibitive symbols give prohibitive messages. Unlike mandatory symbols, the marks for prohibitive symbols are usually circular with a yellow background (or white), black inscription, and red border.

Informative Symbols

Informative symbols provide guidance and are usually rectangular.

Warning Traffic Symbols

These symbols give warning of impending danger and are in most cases, rectangular in shape.

What Are Other Noticeable Signs or Symbols in Nigeria?

Apart from the three basic signs mentioned above, there are other noticeable road signs in Nigeria, which include:

Road Markings

Road markings are either paints or materials applied to the surface of the road. They can also be applied to the stud to warn, guide or regulate traffic.

Yellow Lines

When you find yourself on the highway, you would notice some yellow lines. Those lines are meant to guide you to move in opposite directions. Also, on a two-way highway, these yellow center road symbols consist of:

The Double Yellow Line

One of the yellow lines is more like a standard broken line, while the other is a typical solid yellow line. It is very important to note that if you are driving in an adjacent direction, towards the broken line, you will need to pass other vehicles with care. However, if you are moving in an adjacent direction, towards the solid line, then you may be prohibited from passing.

The Two Standard Solid Yellow Lines

What this simply means is that the traffic from either direction is prohibited from passing or moving in that direction.

The Regular Broken Yellow Line

The regular broken yellow line marks a two-direction passing zone. In cases like this, vehicles that travel in either direction may need to pass other vehicles with care, even when the way ahead is very clear.


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