Nigerian Fashion: Latest 2021 Fashion Trends and Outfit Ideas

One thing Nigerians are known for is their impeccable fashion taste and love for all good things. Whether it’s a birthday party, a dinner date, office wear, or an Owambe outing, Nigerians are always winning. Check out some of the latest trends in Nigeria.

Traditional Fashion Trends In Nigeria In 2021.

Nigerians never run out of inspiration as far as traditional attires and fabrics are involved. Daily, there’s a new trend, a new style, a new inspiration. Here are our top trends:

Matching Headgear

This outfit is perfect for weddings, church programs, engagements, and more. It features traditional headgear tied around the head in a perfect style, and the other headgear is wrapped in a dropping manner from the shoulder downwards. This outfit works perfectly with the traditional iro and buba.

Elegant Traditional Dress

This works perfectly for photo shoots, weddings, and also church programs. You can also wear it to other religious functions. As the name implies, it is elegant and traditional. This outfit is well decorated with stones, pearls and complimented with traditional beads.

Simple Black Unisex Traditional Agbada

This outfit can be rocked both by men and women. In fact, with the right amount of confidence and swag, a woman can pull this off effortlessly. It is like the typical Agbada Yoruba men wear, except that it has been tailored to suit women too. It can also come in several colors.

White Outfits With Pink Floral Patterns

We’re truly not sure why this developed into a trend, but our best guess is that the colours combined produce an appealing and attractive outlook. This outfit can be worn for any event, depending on the particular style sewn.

Classy Maroon Male Outfit With Detail

This one is for the men in the house. If you’re seeking the perfect outfit to rock to that wedding or Owambe event, then this might just be what you’re looking for.

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