Laura Louie: Everything You Should Know About Laura Louie

Laura Louie is popularly known for being the wife of the famous Hollywood actor, Woody Harrelson. She is also a co-founder of a popular organic food delivery service, Yoganics. Laura is from Asia and had very little attention from the public. She eventually got married to Wood Harrelson, an American movie star; and things radically improved; and things radically improved for Laura. But what do you really know about Laura? Here is everything you should know about Laura Louie.

Laura Louie’s Background

Laura was born in the United State of America in 1965. Although she is Asian by descent, she holds American nationality. Laura enjoys living a private life, and as such, there are no available details about her family members. Actually, Laura has never shared them publicly. For her education, Laura studied Business Management and Environmental Science.

How Hold Is Laura Louie?

Although Laura was born in 1965, her specific birthday is unknown. However, going by the year of her birth, Woody Harrelson’s wife is 55 years old.

What Does Laura Louie’s Physical Appearance Look Like?

Laura Louie stands 5 feet 9.5 inches. She weighs close to 60 Kgs and has black eyes and hair. Laura’s body measurements are 34-23-35, which include the bust, waist, and hip. Laura has really healthy skin, with radiant skin, and you can almost tell that she is on a vegan diet. She observes this with her husband, who prefers his vegan diets in raw form.

 Laura Louie’s Achievements and Career Life

Laura Louie, after completing her education, worked as a personal assistant to Harrelson on movie productions. It was at that time that she fell in love, and went into a relationship with the actor. Before this, little was known about Laura, as she managed to keep her details confidential. Her relationship with the movie star, Woody Harrelson, brought about her popularity, as she became publicly known.

Although Laura Louie’s fame is significantly attributed to her relationship with Woody, she has her personal achievements. Actually, these achievements have helped decorated her personal life. Laura Louie is a co-owner of Yoganics, which is an organic food delivery service. Both lovers are actually staunch vegans, and they promote their vegan lifestyle through green initiatives.

Also, both loves have a website called; Voice Yourself. The website is an advocate for environmental conservation awareness.

What Is Laura Louie’s Net Worth?

Laura Louie’s net worth is estimated to be about $3.85 million. However, her husband, Woody Harrelson is worth 65 million US Dollars. Harrelson is actually one of the big shots in the American movie industry. Apart from being an actor and TV producer, Harrelson is a business person.

Laura Louie’s Social Media Availability

Although Laura Louie is indeed in the limelight, because of their relationship with the popular movie star, Woody Harrelson, she prefers and enjoys a quiet lifestyle, away from public attention. In fact, Laura is currently not available on any social media platform. Her husband, however, is active on various social media platforms, which include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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