Kimberly Anne Scott Bio: Where Is Eminem’s Ex-Wife Now?

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anne Scott also known as Kimberly Matters is a Caucasian-American author of mostly children’s books, puzzles and also does freelancing illustration. The mother of four is best known as the ex-wife to the veteran rapper, Eminem. Kimberly and Eminem had one of the bumpiest relationships one can imagine, separating and getting back together, the two kept the attention of fans and haters and not all for good reasons. Here is what to know about Kimberly Anne Scott;

How were Kimberly Anne Scott Early Years?

Kimberly Anne Scott Mathers was born to parents Kathleen and Casimer Sluck on 9th January 1975 in Warren, Michigan, United States of America. Kimberly was born a twin. Her twin sister, Dawn Scott, however, passed away in 2016 as a result of a substance overdose. Dawn was 41 at the time she died.

Kimberly and her sister were raised by their mother and a step-father and simply put, they had a rough childhood. Their step-father was an alcoholic and had also been sexually assaulting Kimberly. She and her sister ended up running away from home in 1998 and then lived in a Youth home in Detroit for a while. Kimberly though Caucasian also holds an American nationality. She is also a Christian.

What is Kimberly Scott’s Age, Height, and Weight?

Kimberly Anne Scott is as of 2021, 46 years old. She stands at a height of 1.78 m and she weighs about 62 kgs. The writer is quite a sight with her brown hair and blue eyes.

How did Kimberly Anne Scott and the Rapper Eminem meet?

At age 13, while still living at the Youth house, Kimberly met the then 15year old rapper, Eminem at a house party. The two apparently were attracted to each other at their first meeting.  Eminem had been performing his best song at the time, ‘I am Bad’. Half naked and rapping on a table, Eminem made quite the first impression. Eminem had also been of the impression that Kimberly was 15 at the time with her looks. Not long after their first meeting, Eminem offered Kimberly and her sister a place to stay at his mother’s house which was were the rapper lived at the time.

How was Kimberly and Eminem’s relationship?

Already living together at Eminem’s mother’s house, Kimberly and Eminem dated throughout the 90s. However, the relationship didn’t go on without issues for long after Kimberly got pregnant for Eminem while they both were still living with Eminem’s mother. As a result, the couple went back and forth breaking off and getting back together until the birth of their daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, on the Christmas of 1995.

After they had their daughter, the two split again. Kimberly settled this time in her own apartment with her daughter and Eminem stayed with his mother still. They stayed apart until 1999 when they got back together again.

When did Kimberly and Eminem first get married?

After they got back together again in 1999, they went further to seal their union this time with vows. The two spilt again a year later, legally this time and because of more serious issues. Eminem had before they split released a song ‘Kim’ were he bashed a doll in the video and insinuated killing his wife.

When was Kimberly and Eminem’s second marriage?

The two after being apart for five years since their first divorce found their way back together again. The revived relationship was said to be for the best of their daughter. They exchanged vows again in 2001. This time, their marriage only lasted for a month. Following this, they both settled for shared custody of their daughter instead.

Kimberly’s children

After Kimberly’s first divorce from Eminem, she got involved with Eric Hartter, a tattooist. Her second daughter, Whitney was born during this relationship.

When she got back with Eminem, they also adopted her twin sister’s daughter. Now a mother of three, Kimberly and Eminem took care of the kids together. She also has a son, Parker Scott but nothing is known of his father.

What is Kimberly Anne Scott’s Net worth?

Kimberly Scott is worth approximately $2 million. She also owns a multi-million house in Macomb Township, Michigan, United States.

Kimberly Scott’s controversies

Kimberly has had a number of run-ins with the law. In 2001, she was arrested for illegal possession of drugs though she was not convicted of the charges.

She also attempted suicide twice, first in 2001 when she attempted to take her own life by slashing her wrists after Eminem allegedly assaulted her during his ‘Up in Smoke’ tour. Also in 2015, she was involved in a car crash while intoxicated. She lasted opened up about it being a suicide attempt. She received a fine for drunk driving after the incident.

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