Jorge Garcia Bio: All about his Weight Loss, Age, Career, Net worth, Relationship

Who is Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia is a famous American comedian, actor, and Television personality. The highly skilled actor is most recognized for a number of movies and the roles he portrayed, mostly through the TV series Lost where he played the role of Hugo Hurley Reyes, this role simply stuck with the actor as he was and still is mostly known as ‘Hurley’. This article discusses the actor’s career journey through Hollywood and what is known of his life.

How Was Jorge Garcia Growing up?

Jorge Garcia was born April 28, 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska, United States Of America. His parents are; his mother, Dora Messa, a Cuban Professor, and a Chilean-born father, Humberto Garcia, who was a doctor. The actor has three siblings; Fernando García Berlanga, José Luis García Berlanga and Carlos Berlanga. Jorge grew up in San Juan Capistrano, a city in Orange County, California.

Where was Jorge Garcia Educated?

Jorge Garcia was schooled at Clement High School. He gained his childhood nickname of Baby-faced Killer at this school. After high school, Jorge enrolled in College at the University of California where he got his degree in Communication Studies in 1995.

Having taken an interest in acting after college, he went further to acting school at the Beverly Playhouse Acting School.

How Did Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

His weight loss journey started when he got his role on the TV series Lost. Although chosen for the role, there were reservations concerning his weight. The actor at the time weighed 400Ib (181kg). All on his one, he got on a diet; high proteins, low carbohydrates etc. He also tried exercising and even went vegan. He admitted not to have lost weight as fast as he had hoped but in third year of his effort, the actor had lost no less than 100 pounds.

How old is Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia is 46 years old in 2021.

How was Jorge Garcia’s Career?

Jorge took an interest in acting early and much as anyone else in that line went first with a handful of auditions. In 1997, he made his Television with the TV series Becker where played the role of Hector Lopez. He stayed on the show for its thirteen seasons. After this, he went on to a number of shows and then comedy. His big role met him while he was on a comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm where he played the role of a drug dealer. His role as ‘Hurley’ curbed just for him on the hit TV series Lost fast lurched his career. The now worldwide recognized actor and retained the name of his role ‘Hurley’ in the media’s eye years after the show aired.

After the TV series Lost, Jorge co-hosted a podcast called Geronimo Jack’s Beard with Bethany Leigh Shady. He got roles in various TV shows and movies such as his role as Dr. Diego Soto in Alcatraz, an appearance on the Blitzgiving episode of the famous show How I Met Your Mother, a guest appearance in season 4 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and later a regular role on the show’s season five as Jerry Ortega.

He also acted on the show Mr. Sunshine and on a parody film called iSteve as Steve Wozniak in 2013. The show was produced by Funny or Die. Jorge Garcia has since appeared in various other shows and even co-produced When We Were Pirates, a movie he also starred in. The actor is widely recognized not only for his skilled acting, he also does stand-up comedy in his spare time and he is said to be good with jokes.

What is Jorge Garcia’s Net worth?

Jorge Garcia has a net worth of $5 million. His wealth is earned from his acting and comedy.

Is Jorge Garcia in a relationship?

Jorge Garcia is known to have only previously dated Bethany Leigh Shady. He is currently married to Rebecca Birdsall. The two exchanged vowed on June 22, 2019 and are still very much together till date.

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