Janet Smollett: Biography, Family and Everything You Should Know about Jussie Smollett’s Mother

Who is Janet Smollett?

You’re probably familiar with the Smollett name. Most of us got to know of the Smolletts due to Jussie Smollett’s role in “Empire,” a Fox Drama series. Almost everyone loved the gay fictional character, and his voice simply melted hearts, well until news broke that he had paid two Nigerian-American brothers to stage a hate-fuelled assault on him. Janet Smollett is Jussie Smollett’s mother and here is everything you should know about her.

What was Janet’s Smollett’s Early Life Like?

Janet Smollett was born in 1952, on the 27th of November in New Orleans. A major part of her background is hidden away from the public eyes. What most people know is that Janet was actively involved in the US Civil Rights movement and she campaigned and joined other notable civil rights fighters including Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

Who is Janet Smollett’s Husband?

Janet Smollett and Joel Smollett got married and had six children together. Do you see the J’s too? Joel Smollett was a Jewish man of Polish and Russian roots in California. Janet Smollett soon found herself impacting the desire and drive for civil rights in her children, and soon, her children began fighting for reputable causes such as #BlackLivesMatter and HIV/AIDS prevention.

What Does Janet Smollett Do?

Apart from being an activist, Janet Smollett is also a reputable cook, who ensured that she prepared home-cooked meals, celebrating her family and its accomplishments. She now has her recipes published in a cookbook and this cookbook was released in 2018.

The cookbook was titled, “The Family Table: Recipes and Moments from a Nomadic Life.” The cookbook features stories of her life and her family, including how they have lived in 13 states, across the USA.

It is said that Janet Smollett played the role of the major acting coach in her children’s lives, as she introduced them to different forms of performance arts, such as acting, singing, and acting. She soon introduced her children to professional acting when they were all young, and two of them became popular actors- Jussie and Jurnee Smollett.

Is Janet Smollett Really Related to Kamala Harris?

Some have speculated that Janet Smollett is related to Kamala Harris, the present Vice President of the United States of America, but this is just a rumour and nothing more.

What are the names of Janet Smollett’s Children?

The six children she has been named Jurnee, Jake, Jazz, Jocqui, Jojo, and Jussie. Every time they moved, she ensured that the first thing she did was set up a long, wooden kitchen table, which would eventually become the heartbreak of the household. The children got to sing and perform their plays around this table.

In 2015, Joel Smollett died due to cancer on the 7th of January.

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