James Byrd Rogers: Biography, all you need to know about Mr Rogers’ son

Who is Fred Rogers?

If you’re unfamiliar with Fred Rogers, then all you need to know about him is that he was a legendary TV host. James Rogers had often appeared on his father’s show, tagged, “Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood,” but soon, he just went away from the spotlight. A lot of people who watched the show while growing up still believe that Fred Rogers’ show was one of the best shows they had seen and the host was one of the best people they had watched.

Who is James Byrd Rogers?

James Byrd Rogers is one of Fred Rogers’ two sons. He is 62 years old at this time and was born in 1959. His parents were Joanne and Fred Rogers, and his father was a famous TV host and puppeteer. His father, Fred Rogers, earned several awards attributed to his show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood.” James had a younger brother whose name was John and both brothers had at some time, appeared on their father’s show.

What was James Byrd Rogers’ Background Like?

James signed up at Rollins College, just like his father, only to soon discover that he really craved some time apart from his family. It started with him not going back to return to his parent’s house because he was trying to discover what kind of person he really was and was going to become independent of his father’s image. In his words, “I’m just trying to get used to being a person, to get along by myself.”

His father, on the other hand, thought his son had lost it, while his mother affirmed that it had really been a difficult year and it was possible that the difficult year could be taking its toll on James. Both parents eventually allowed him to go on his desired break because they believed they had to let him have some time for himself, else he’d never have returned home.

Where is James Byrd Rogers Now?

At the moment, not much is known of both Rogers sons. It is believed that they chose to stay away from the spotlight after their father passed. This makes it quite impossible to know where they are now or even what they do for a living. Despite the preferred anonymity, both sons contributed to a documentary based on their father, titled, “Won’t You Be My Neighbour?”  The sons admitted that it was pretty difficult having a father with such a saintly reputation.

Now, James Byrd has his own son, Alexander.

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