How to Unshare Your Glo Data or Remove Numbers from Glo Data Sharing

Would you like to unshare your Glo data or remove previously added numbers from your Glo data sharing? Maybe a good friendship turned sore, or a relationship went awry and you’d like to revoke your benefits, well, we hate to say this, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll be showing you how to view shared numbers. This means, you’ll get to see the numbers you’re sharing data with and we’ll also be showing you how to remove these numbers to prevent your friends from burning your subscription plan.

How to View the Numbers You Share Your Glo Data With

All you have to do to view the people you’re currently sharing your Glo data with is dial *127*00# or send “List” as a message to 127. Soon, Glo will send you a message showing all the numbers sharing your data subscription. You’ll also be notified if no one is sharing your subscription.

How to Unshare Your Glo Data?

If you’d like to remove a phone number from the list of numbers you share your Glo data with, all you’d have to do is dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# Or Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127.

If, for example, your friend’s number is 09089893920, then dial *127*02*09089893920 or send “Remove 09089893920” to 127.

Note that while you’re sending this text to 127, you wouldn’t have to include the quotes.

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