Flavour N’abania – Biography Of A Multitalented Nigerian Singer.

Who is Flavour N’abania?

Flavour, as he’s commonly known has his full name as Flavour N’abania and he hails from Anambra State, Umunze in Orumba South LGA specifically. Flavour was born on the 23rd of  November, 1983 in Enugu.  He is the third child in a family of 12, and he is a Nigerian Highlife Afro musician, instrumentalist, and talented songwriter.

What was Flavour N’abania’s Background Like?

For Flavour, growing up in a family of 12 was really fun, and he was always playing the drums in his church. He went ahead to play the drums on his own even when there was no church service. The church’s pastor noticed him and soon introduced him to his friend, who was the owner of Soundcity Communications.

When Flavour went over to the band, he discovered that he had to be a part of the band to fulfill his dreams, and so he went home to meet his parents and discuss with them. Naturally, they didn’t approve of their son’s wishes, but Flavour was not going to let them stand in the way of his dreams. So, the young man left his parents and moved in with the band. He was able to learn how to play several instruments like the piano, guitar, drum, and more.

Where Did Flavour Get His Name From?

When Flavour firstly joined Soundcity Communications, even though he would always go with them for concerts, he still did not have a stage name. This was of course weird whenever the others were being introduced, and soon, Flavour was looking for a name. There was this fan, Flavour Shelters, who would always come to watch them play. He was into real estate and Flavour N’abania really admired the young man, so he named himself Flavour because he wanted to be like him. He was fifteen years old at the time.

How Did Flavour’s Solo Career Begin?

After being with the band for eleven years, Flavour soon left them and started playing with different bands on his own. Of course, it was a pretty tough journey, but Flavour basically learned on the job. Soon, he started going to the studio to learn everything he could about studio recording, and during this time, he met Darkman and Nigga Raw and soon started doing Nigga Raw’s choruses.

Nigga Raw’s choruses were coming out so well that Flavour realized that he could start doing his own song. His thoughts were if his choruses were coming out so well, then why not his songs?

How Did Flavour Become Famous?

Flavour had released his 8-track album, which he titled “N’abania” in 2008. After this, he released “Uplifted” in 2010, and his hit singles were, “Nwa Baby,” “Oyi,” and “Adanma.” The album was successful and it gave Flavour the platform to become a successful artist.

Flavour has now performed on the same stage with several international acts like Snoop Dogg, Ciara, French Montana, Lauryn Hill, Akon, Rick Ross, and many others. He has also performed for multiple sold-out audiences and he has also featured in major media outlets globally.

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