Daniela Rajic biography: Facts About Paul George’s Girlfriend?

Who is Daniela Rajic?

Daniela Rajic is an American entrepreneur. She is however best known as the girlfriend of sports celebrity, Paul George. Paul George is an American professional Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball player. Daniela and Paul have been together a long while and though the couple looks absolutely cute together, their relationship isn’t without bumpy sides. This article provides what there is to know about the American business owner and celebrity girlfriend, Daniela Rajic.

How were Daniela Rajic’s Early Years?

Daniela Rajic was born on the 12th of November, 1990 in Queens, New York, United States. Though Daniela holds an American nationality, she is also of Serbian roots. Daniela Rajic is a Christian. Next to nothing is known about Daniela Rajic’s family as, despite her fame, she still leaves a very quiet life and chooses not to divulge much about her family. She is however known to have two siblings, a brother whose name isn’t known to the public and a sister that is called Kristina.

Where Did Daniela Rajic Receive Her Education?

Daniela Rajic attended the University of Miami in Florida. It was during her University days that Daniela took up exotic dancing as a means to help cover her bills in school.

How Old Is Professional Basketball Player, Paul George’s Girlfriend?

Daniela Rajic, Paul George’s girlfriend is currently 30 years old in September 2021.

What is Daniela Rajic’s Profession?

Daniela Rajic was once an exotic dancer. A venture which began while in school. Dancing took her to most of the biggest clubs in Miami.  She was at the time working at Tootsies Cabaret. Daniela came across a lot of influential persons during that time. She was nothing short of a celebrity exotic dancer. It was on this job that she met her now-boyfriend, Paul George.

Daniela however left that profession and now, she co-owns a blooming business, Nudе Swim, a swimsuit production company. She co-owns the business alongside her friend, Sarah Nasser, who is equally a sports celebrity girlfriend and then-wife. Sarah Nasser is married to American Professional basketball player, Patrick Patterson. Daniela has earned large followers base on her social media platforms, an advantage that has proved used in media and marketing her brand.

What is Daniela Rajic’s Net worth?

Daniela Rajic has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Who Is Daniela Rajic Dating?

Daniela Rajic is currently in a relationship with NBA star player, Paul George. The two met during the summer of 2013 in a club in Miami. Daniela was at the time working at the club as a dancer and Paul had been there as a client. They were interested in each other and not long after that meeting did a relationship ensued and they started dating.

Daniela then got pregnant and sad to say, Paul did not take the news well. He allegedly offered her $1 million to abort the baby. Daniela refused to get an abortion and went through with her term. On May 1, 2014, she gave birth to her daughter, Olivia. The downward spiral had however not ended with Daniela’s delivery. She went on to sue Paul George afterward. She was to prove that the baby girl was truly his before he takes any responsibility for the child. After a paternity test that showed that he was indeed the father, Paul responded with another court case, suing for the full custody of the child in the light that Daniela wasn’t working.

They however resolved to a compromise of joint custody of Olivia. In 2017, Daniela got pregnant again and gave birth to their second child, Natasha. Recently, the couple and their daughters appear to be living just fine and happy.

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