Cara Whitney: Everything You Should Know About Cara Whitney

Cara Whitney is an American author and radio personality. Cara worked as a radio DJ and is best known as the wife of the famous American comedian, Daniel Lawrence Whitney. Daniel goes by the stage name, Larry the Cable Guy. Getting married to a celebrity is no easy thing, as it always comes with intense attention from the media or public. Whitney enjoys living a private life and has successfully hidden most of her personal information from the public. What other things do you know about her? here is everything you should know about Cara Whitney.

Cara Whitney’s Biography

Cara Whitney was born in 1976, in Wisconsin, USA. Although Cara has not revealed her actual date of birth, she is 45 years old, as of 2021. Cara’s childhood remains a mystery to the public, as she never said anything about it. She only revealed that she was brought up in a family of farmers. Cara’s dad is a cattle farmer, who also owns a big farm in Wisconsin. Because of her upbringing on a farm, Cara developed an interest and so much love for animals. She loves horses the most, and together with her husband, Daniel Lawrence, she shares snaps with animals on their social media.

Cara Whitney’s Career Life

While in Wisconsin, Cara attended a local high school, where she became interested in creative writing and accounting. She eventually graduated college, with a Bachelor’s degree in 1998. Cara worked as a DJ, even before meeting her husband. When she moved out of her hometown, she settled in Los Angeles, California. That was when she started working as a DJ for a particular local radio station.

Cara Whitney, apart from her work as a DJ, is also an author. So far, she has published three books, one of which is titled; Unbridled Faith Devotions for Young Readers. Her life as a Christian is seen in most of her works.

Cara Whitney And Daniel Lawrence Whitney’s Marriage

Cara Whitney got married to Lawrence on July 3, 2005. Both couples met in Los Angeles, California, while working in 2004. It was revealed that Lawrence was still focused on building his career at that time, while Cara kept on working as a DJ. The couple fell in love after the first conversation they had.

Actually, Cara and Lawrence didn’t spend so much time preparing for their wedding or even buying expensive outfits or gowns. They had an unusual wedding, a pretty simple event. Their marriage took place in an open field in Nebraska and wore casual outfits. The report has it that their entire cost of the wedding is estimated to be about $180.

Cara And Her Family

Cara Whitney and her husband are beyond blessed. Both couples have been blessed with two children, a boy, and a girl, respectively. Cara’s had her first child one year after she got married to Lawrence. Her first child was a male and was born in 2006. Cara Whitney gave birth to her baby girl the following year. Both couples are involved in philanthropic work, and have over the years, donated heavily to charity.

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