Adam A. Zango Biography: What To Know About The Kannywood Actor

What is Kannywood?

The entertainment industry in Nigeria actually goes beyond Nollywood, smaller offshoots exist and are growing, and one of such is Kannywood. Not familiar to many but it is a thing! Kannywood is the Hausa-language movie industry and cinema. This industry hails from the northern part of Nigeria, centered in Kano State in particular. The industry has produced various works and brought to fame various actors as well. One of the actors made famous by Kannywood is Adam A. Zango.

Who is Adams A. Zango?

To as many as are Kannywood viewers, the name and the face of Adam A. Zango is not new. The singer-turned-actor came into the limelight quite young, first pursuing hip-hop in the Hausa language. He is now an actor, voice-over actor, director, producer, and still a singer. He has grown famous across Africa as a whole and has starred in numerous movies over the years. Here is what to know about the actor and his life;

How Were Adams A. Zango’s Early Years?

Adams A. Zango was born Adamu Abdullahi on the 1st October 1985 in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He was born to Hausa and Muslim parents Mallam Abdullahi and Hajiya Yelwa Abdullahi. He hails from the Zango local government in his state, Kaduna.

How Is Adams A. Zango’s Career?

The famous actor first grew his fame through his new yet intriguing blend of the western beat and the Hausa Language in his songs. He grew an encouraging fan base through his Hausa Hip-hop songs. He after a while went into the acting scene. Kannywood welcomes him and apparently has treated his talent and hard work well. The results of his work have over the years increased without a halt.

Adams A. Zango started acting from his Secondary School years. He fit into the scenes quite naturally and though he started out much like everyone else with small roles, he has since made his mark and portrayed his niche for the career through various well-played roles.

Today, the actor has gained both local and nationwide recognition. He has also grown famous across Africa. There are a number of articles and write-ups about the actor, though most are written in Hausa language seeing as that is where his fan base is stronger. He has appeared in a lot of movies alongside various well-known actors as well actors.

How Is Adams A. Zango’s Family?

According to Adams A. Zango himself in 2013, he had two wives. However, years afterward, he has been said to marry and divorce up until his fifth and current wife. His first wife is known as Aisha. Adams and Aisha had many children together, allegedly said to be all boys. Nothing else is known by the public about the two as a couple. As much as rumors go, Adams might have been married once before Aisha but there is no proof to that.

His second wife was Maryam Abdullahi Yola who he wedded in 2013. They exchanged vows at Lugbe, Abuja. Apparently, Maryam had played the role of Adams’s wife in a movie merely weeks before they got hitched.

Adams also got married to the Cameroonian Ummul Kulsum. The two had kept their relationship under wraps for a while before finally coming public together, in numerous pictures they took as a couple. Ummul is said to have borne his first daughter, Murjanatu.

Not many people are sure how many wives Adams has had so far but it is said that Ummul Kulsum is his fifth. The actor apparently has divorced every other wife before her so that they both could be together. The couple appears happy with their family. Adams has numerous pictures of his wife, himself and the little Murjanatu posted across his socials.

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