30 Brazilian Female Names and Their Meanings

In every culture, choosing baby names is a very important and deliberate act. Parents do not just choose names because they sound cute. Parents choose their children’s names because of the meaning these names communicate. Here are 30 Brazilian female names and their respective meanings.

  1. Abai

Abai is a Brazilian name that refers to the Nile River. The name is of an Ethiopian origin and it is now a very popular name in Brazil.

  1. Alana

Alana not only sounds beautiful, but it also means ‘beautiful.’ This name would be perfect for any little girl.

  1. Alandra

Alandra means ‘protector of mankind.’ The name is courageous and sweet all at once.

  1. Ana

Ana means gracious and merciful. Yes, it does sound like Anna from Frozen.

  1. Arlete

This is a French name that means ‘Lion of God.’ The name is often used for Brazilian baby girls.

  1. Arukia

Arukia means ‘King or Earth.’ The name is a unique one and it’ll make your baby girl stand out.

  1. Augustinha

This is a Latin name meaning ‘to increase.’

  1. Aurea

Aurea refers to the Roman Goddess of the dawn. It’s also a pretty famous name.

  1. Benigna

Benigna means a woman who has a kind disposition. It’s more of a prophecy into your daughter’s life.

  1. Bosalicia

Bosalicia sounds punchy and it has its origin traceable to Mexico and Spain. The name means ‘one with the nobility of a rose.’

  1. Beta

Beta means a glorious and intelligent woman. It is simple and compelling.

  1. Belmira

Belmira is a beautiful name that came from Columbia. It means ‘beautiful voyage.’

  1. Benedita

Benedita means ‘a blessed woman.’ This name is also prophetic for your daughter.

  1. Berta

Berta is a German name that means intelligent and glorious woman.

  1. Clara

Clara is a Latin name derived from the root word, ‘Clarus.’ It means ‘bright or clear.’

  1. Daiane

Daiane is a beautiful name for ‘clever and beautiful woman.’

  1. Dylla

Dylla means ‘a self-reliant individual.’ If you want your daughter to grow up to become a strong and independent individual, then this name is perfect for her.

  1. Diolinda

Diolinda means ‘beautiful God.’ The name is of a Portuguese origin.

  1. Fernanda

Fernanda is a German name and it is also a feminine form of ‘Fernando.’ The name means an adventurous one.

  1. Gilma

Gilma is of a Portuguese origin and it translates to a ‘forward-looking person.’

  1. Glaucia

Glaucia is a beautiful name that also feels beautiful when pronounced. The name is derived from the Latin word, ‘Glaucus,’ and it means ‘bluish-grey.’

  1. Gabriela

This might surprise you, but Gabriela is actually a Biblical name that has a Hebrew origin. The name means ‘God-the powerful.’

  1. Gardenia

The flowery name means ‘garden flower.’

  1. Isis

Isis means ‘mother of all lives.’


  1. Izabel

Izabel is a Portuguese name that means ‘God is bountiful.’

  1. Joaninha

Joaninha is a devout name that means ‘God is gracious.’

  1. Jacey

This name is of a Native American Indian origin and it means ‘beautiful.’

  1. Jaida

Jaida is a name of Hebrew origin that means precious stone jade. The name means ‘the knowing one.’

  1. Jennifer

Jennifer is a German name that means ‘fair.’

  1. Kacey

If you have the premonition that your daughter is going to be brave or watchful, then this name is perfect for her.

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